Standard Laser P60s


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 2012/13A4A4AAAAAA4 LASER P60s.

Laser P60s for the 2016/17 TAX YEAR – available to order for Sage, Iris (including Intex & Earnie) and Pegasus now.

 HMRC P60 standard layout also available for most other payroll software.

OPTIONS include:-

  SL1P60 – Standard 1 Part P60’s (for SAGE). – AVAILABLE NOW! :-P

  SL2P60 – Standard 2 Part P60’s with a file copy (for SAGE). – OUT OF STOCK! :-(

  IRL1P60 – Standard 1 Part P60s (for IRIS & Pegasus).  –  **OUT OF STOCK**!:-(

  IRL2P60 –  Standard 2 Part P60s with a file copy (for IRIS & Pegasus).  –  **OUT OF STOCK**!:-(

  HMRC1P60Standard 1 Part P60s for most payroll software. –  **OUT OF STOCK**!:-(

  HMRC2P60Standard 2 Part P60s (with a file copy) for most payroll software. –  **OUT OF STOCK**!:-(

All of our P60 forms are guaranteed to work with your payroll software. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call us.

 AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 50, 100, 200, 250 or 500