Pressure Sealing Machines

If you're looking for a top-quality pressure sealing machine, look no further than our Pressure Sealing models. Our machines come standard with double detection and a hand seal facility, making them perfect for highly secure applications such as financial sector pin numbers and health care applications. With full-form tracking, you can be sure that your documents are sealed correctly every time. Don't settle for anything less - choose our Pressure Sealing machine for all your sealing needs.

Looking for a way to fold and seal documents?

Our Sealing machine is the perfect choice to quickly fold and seal documents securely from Payroll, Invoices, Statements, Secure Mailings, Cheques, Life, Science Code Breaks, Demand Notices, Charity Communications, Postal Voting, Secure Pin Numbers, Warranty Documentation,  Student Notices, BRE notifications, Newsletters, Subscription notices, Product Launches, Pension Statements, Coupons Reminder and Renewals, Tax notifications, Loyalty Cards, Anti-Coagulant forms, Sim Card Carriers, then our pressure sealers are your ideal solution.

We are the leading supplier of Payroll Pressure Sealers to many payroll agencies and departments. Our high-quality equipment fold, and seal single sheets into confidential documents ready for posting with ease!

Looking for a way to ensure your documents stay secure?

Consider investing in one of the best pressure sealers in today's market.

These machines are designed with various features that can help you save time when sealing envelopes or securing Loose Pages! Review our paper folding machines

With options such as digital printing capabilities, there really isn't anything these devices cannot do and will give peace of mind knowing it is all backed by our industry-leading customer service team too.