Our microperforated Shelf Edge Labels are great for retail shelf labelling, price cards and printing your product and shelf edge tickets.

Our non-adhesive blank card is easily inserted into plastic and channelled shelf edge holders because they are microperforated to provide a clean edge.

Quality laser guaranteed 120g paper or 150gsm card in either plain white or yellow. These blank shelf cards are ideal for laser and inkjet printing.

We also supply a comprehensive range of other types of perforated paper and card. Please see these options by selecting the appropriate section from the drop down menu above.



Tickets per Sheet
Paper Weight
Tear off Height
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What are point of sale (POS) inserts?

Shelf edge tickets, such as shelf barkers are the perfect way to display prices or weekly offers. They catch customer attention with their vibrant colours and protect your signage in a quick manner without taking up too much space on shelves that could otherwise hold more items for sale; all while being easy enough so you can take them down at any time if necessary!

You can use them in your retail store, grocery store, cafe, warehouse or anywhere else that needs price or product tags.

They can be made out of durable vinyl material so are protected from liquid damage and customers who might unintentionally scratch or knock them so they retain a longer shelf life.

We offer free shipping on all orders over £50 within UK we even give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with our product! What do you have to lose? Order now!

Colour options are available for example Red + yellow means there will always be something special happening because these shades stand out instantly from other products on displays nearby- make sure yours stands apart by using colourful labels like red & yellow sold-out signs also available.

While we stock a majority of standard shelf edge labels and products, we also offer custom sizes, contact us for more.

Where can I use these?:

    • Retails Shops
    • Charity Shops
    • Farm Shops
    • Grocery Shops
    • Markets
    • Garden Centres
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Grocery Shops

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Garden Centre

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Charity Shop

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Retails Outlets

What we offer to benefit you

Options available in:

Standard weights from 90 to 200 GSM, Multiple colours, and sizes
Use our filtering system above to find the perfect size for your requirements, visit:

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We are able to produce a wide range of perforated Shelf Edge Labels and Shelf Edge Tickets. If you don't see the version that you require then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

If you need a different colour then we can also supply quality labels in a variety of other colour options.

Use our filter below if you need help finding your product.