Moneysoft Payslips


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Why buy your payslips from us?

First of all, we supply a range of Moneysoft payslips, including Self Seal, Peel & Seal, Pressure Seal and standard laser payslips.

We offer a choice of payslips that have different formats. The choices therefore include payslips from Sage, Pegasus and Iris which will all work perfectly with Payroll Manager. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding their suitability or their use as Payroll Manager Payslips.

The standard laser payslips have two payslips per page with a perforations for easier separation.

We are one of the largest distributors of payslips in the UK. You can therefore depend on receiving quality forms.

As a result, we are able guarantee all of the payslips that we supply.

Our comprehensive range of Moneysoft wage slips and self seal products are available for next day delivery.

For a full range of suitable Moneysoft envelopes (click here).

FREE CARRIAGE FOR ORDERS OVER £40.00 (see our delivery conditions). 

Moneysoft payslips are available in various layouts. There are options within Moneysoft payroll software to select standard payslip layouts that are used by Sage, Iris and Pegasus. If you do not see the payslip that you require then please check availability in our Sage, Iris or Pegasus payslip sections.