Scored Paper

The perfect solution for greetings cards, leaflets, Booklets, Menus, Wine Lists, Beverage Lists

Pre-scored paper/card is great for Arts and Crafts projects

Blank greeting cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation for someone`s birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.

They are made from high-quality paper/cards and come in a variety of weights. We are also able to design and print your cards directly in our state of the art facility here in the UK.

These blank greeting cards can be personalised with just about anything you want to say. So whether you have time to write out a long message or just need something quick, these will fit all occasions!

These are also perfect for Leaflets & Booklets

Blank Greeting Card

Menus are more than just a list of dishes for your restaurant, they`re an opportunity to show off your establishment`s personality.

With our blank cards, you can create menus that reflect the tone and style of your restaurant with ease. We are also able to design and print your menus directly in our state of the art facility here in the UK.

Available in both matt and gloss finishes, these quality products will make it easy for customers to find what they want while also making sure that first impressions are nothing but good ones. So if you need menus created or redesigned, we have got you covered!

These are also perfect for Wine Lists & Beverage Lists


Our Scored Paper is created in house so you can trust it is the best available as it has been created using the process below for over 50 years.

What is paper scoring?

Paper Scoring refers to the process made a crease in the paper that makes folding easier. Paper score is an indented ridge in which a folded line comes out. Scoring also contributes to the appearance of the fold by providing scalability as well as less potential breakage of the paper. Lighter weight sheets usually fold well without needing scoring. Inline v Offline - Scoring can be performed on separate equipment after the printing is completed (offline scoring) Offline paper scoring usually produces a better result because it allows for more accuracy.

If you use a scoring machine, you will get more accurate scores on your printed pages. This means less wasted money and time in post-press operations like folding or binding books. This way, everything moves along more efficiently from start to finish!

Scoring paper can be hard, especially after it has already passed through the printing press. If your printer operator messes up, you will ruin all of the jobs that are waiting on the other side of the machine.

What is offline paper scoring?

We advise offline paper scoring as it provides a more precise result and offers the printer greater control over their process. So why score your papers? It just looks much better! Scored sheets are less prone to buckle or crack while being folded, which reduces the chances that you'll hurt any delicate ink placed on them when folding.

Offline paper scoring lets you print more. The printer has control over what they are printing. With this, the final product is often more accurate and detailed.

So what about the Fold Line?

The process of making a fold line or score line happens when you use an indentation device and create ridges in the paper. The fold lines typically form by compressing paper fibers near one area where it can easily bend to make a dip with less resistance, which allows it easier for folding than other materials such as metal or plastic would be if they were used instead.

The perfect way to score the paper at home

There are a few different methods used to accomplish this. Here's how you can score paper with the ruler, knife and duller blade: First take the ruler and your time and press the ruler down firmly at an area on top where you want to fold. Then use the knife and draw along staying close to the side of the ruler while still being careful not to cut too much in one place. Just create a valley in the paper deep enough to allow the paper to fold easily.

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